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Mesmerized by realism

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Gallery La La initially started off as a physical exhibition space in Brooklyn beneath a restaurant in 2007 supporting 6 local artists. In our first 12 months we exhibited paintings by David Vigon twice. David’s work, which could be described as a cross between realism and impressionism, would be difficult for most of us to pass without stopping, gazing, and being mesmerized by it. We are super glad we’re able to continue our relationship with such a talented artist.

Artist Statement

Art is a metaphor for life. Both begin as nothing-- the point before the "big bang" and the realm of complete nothingness or everythingness-- the realm of infinite possibility. The infinite artist gives us the infant human being as an empty vessel, and the human artist constructs the blank canvas.

Both forms are like mini universes unto themselves. Their physical forms conscribe set limits of space and time. Yet within these boundaries, the realm of infinite possibility is still in full force.

With each breath or stroke of the brush, choices are made, whether conscious or unconscious which irreversibly fill the vessel or canvas until it is transformed into the feeling of an experience before being recycled.

- David Vigon